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Monday, May 9, 2011

Sustainable Living Maintains Good Health

My last series of medical tests were faced with some trepidation as wanted so much to be able to walk forward with my new sustainable lifestyle but all was well.

After three surgeries and three bouts of radiation am grateful to good doctors but feel my new lifestyle is an important factor in maintaining my good health.

My dream during my last treatments was to find a sustainable home and create an organic garden and this has happened, but also more.

I was trying to sell my apartment for over three years but when it did sell doors began to open.

I was able to purchase an old government house and begin the journey of turning it into my dream home.

A new community garden was opening down the road just at the time I moved into my new home and I succeeded in obtaining a plot there.

This garden taught me so much about growing food in new ways and introduced me to the adventure and understanding of permaculture.

I was looking at my older blog posts and saying a big thank you just the other day as to how my journey to overcome breast cancer had lead me to new understandings of how to live.

It is an ongoing journey and look forward to being able to share so much more with my readers as my sustainable adventure continues to evolve.


The Sage Butterfly said...

Congratulations! Your bravery to overcome such a threatening disease and then to seek out transformation and learning is awe-inspiring.

Greenearth said...

Thanks for the kind words Sage Butterfly.

jaya said...

just linked this article on my facebook account. it’s a very interesting article for all.

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