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Monday, June 13, 2011

Jude Lai's Sustainable Garden Paradise

Visiting Jude Lai's is to enter a garden paradise.

The trees sing with fruit and the soil nurtured in tune in with nature's laws is alive with nutritious food.

There was so much to observe and learn and Jude is a generous teacher.

Dragon fruit hung abundantly from the trees and the passion fruit were so large.

Everywhere you looked was abundance.

The swimming pool is now the home of a range of aquatic plants, eat your heart out Monet.

We were shown how to obtain new plants from an established plant, along with a host of welcome knowledge about how to bring our own gardens to life.

So many new and exciting plants were discovered and shared by a generous Jude.

Thank you to Jude for a wonderful day and a sharing of what it is possible to create when you treat the earth with love.


Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I watch,I learn

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Be cherry
my deary

The trip
is a pip

your world neat
A wonderful treet

From my cave
I can rave

That you enclude me
in lifs tree

Carry on

The Sage Butterfly said...

A very lovely garden. The passion fruit are so big.That deck or platform built around the tree is amazing!

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

What type tomatoes do you grow?
We ust have a dood grop but the potatoe blight has a dapted to tomatoes. This is due to increasing pestides which nakes it stromger eachyear. When I was small we used beefstake for sause and soap, rutgers for eating or sandwich. now they come s america where they excape pestide regulations

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

Since your imto exotic plants ttell more about how i cam grow them Maybe some indoors withlamps? How sell plants or seeds. Oh well trying to be helpful for I quess one nust have to starve to a ppreciate liife with prospective

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

I quess I am nieve to think of another life. I started as an electrial eng, solidar, vocational teacher then stroke blindness now painter starting to write, I have been married five times and painted 500 paintings or more But the best time was when grew tomatoes for cancell soap. but thats another story

Shirley said...

I love to see gardens like this from all over the world! Thank you for a peek into another world of gardening.

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