Saturday, June 25, 2011

Permaculture Gold Coast Party Time, Workshop and Planting

What better place to party and learn about permaculture than under the beautiful mango tree at the new Gold Coast Permaculture Headquarters at 270 Ferry Road Southport.

What an exciting and innovative place.

Here is Justin cooking cassava on the fire, while the chooks in their movable headquarters enjoy a morning peck.

Workshop of the day was with Justin showing us how to prepare seed raising mixture.

First the compost is sifted and then combined with equal amount of vermiculite (grade two) and worm castings. In Aussie we can get good vermiculite from aquaponic stores. If you are in the US please take care to get vermiculite that does not contain any asbestos.

Here are these three ingredients combined in the wheelbarrow.

Finally five percent rock dust was added to bring the seed raising mixture to life.

Meanwhile preparations were going on for party time. Vanessa in her colorful skirt decorates with lively streamers.

While one small person preferred to watch the chickens.

Vanessa and Luka dressed and ready to party.

And the food was spectacular. Nothing better than a permaculture lunch. No dinner for me tonight, could not resist all the wonderful food particularly the maize cake.

But it was not just me who was enjoying all that wonderful food.

It was feast enjoyed by all.


And then work time. Rebecca and her team of excellent potato planters.

Had to draw myself away from a wonderful gathering to go to the fracking protest at Broadbeach.

A great crowd there as well all feeling very passionate about the destruction of our soil and water for a quick financial fix.

Hurry up a world based on the permaculture principals of sharing and no more than you need.


The Sage Butterfly said...

What a lovely day full of some of my favorite things!

Arija said...

In our climate, permaculture is definitely the way to go.

Rambling Woods said...

I learned a new term..and I so admire the sense of community you have which is lacking where I live. I had no idea that anything could have asbestos in it anymore....Michelle

eileeninmd said...

What a nice party. You have some great info and I learned something new which is always great.

Taamir Azka said...

Nice party, that is a back to nature party
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