Friday, June 17, 2011

Special Custard Apples and Assorted Greens

The visit to Jude Lai's special garden brought many special gifts.

This wonderful custard apple, (genus Rollina, variety Beriba) was picked ripe off the tree and tasted better than my favorite gelato.

Here it is sitting half eaten on the plate beside two tasty kaffir limes also from Jude's.

The seeds I am saving for growing into new trees.

Here are nine planted out into seed propagating mixture.

And the remaining seeds I have yet to plant.

When these small trees grow they will be able to be grafted to faster root stock.

Below are a selection of cuttings also collected from Jude's garden which are currently in jars, growing roots before being planted out into  mine and others gardens.

The first is a sweet potato grown only for its leaves and known as `Francis Yip'..

The second a Thai mint great in curries and salads.

The third is a form of small climbing cucumber .

It is so enriching sharing both plants and knowledge from others gardens.


Anonymous said...

I never heard of a custard apple. It is interesting to learn new things everyday.

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