Saturday, July 9, 2011

Care, Share, Believe, Gold Coast Permaculture Permablitz

What a special day at Gold Coast Permacultures's Permablitz.

So much fun, so much happening and so much achieved.

Here is the team at 270 Ferry Road Gold Coast sharing the joy of a day spent bringing life to the soil.

And Judy what a great jacket. Full of the creativity that inspired the wonderful wall mural images painted during the day on the fence at 270.


The day's work begins on the mandala garden, while Justin discusses compost with a motivated audience.

Lots of great vegetables growing from the compost created from local horse manure, wood chips and marine weeds.

Meanwhile the mandala team are busy, loading wheelbarrows with compost, digging out soil and laying down a no dig garden using wet newspaper inoculated with worm casting liquid followed by a layer of straw.

So much to do but everyone contributed and soon a garden emerged.

Lunch time under the mango tree was a well deserved break for all.

Vanessa's lemon and coconut cake was just so special. Now have the recipe, look forward to cooking and will share later.

Busy afternoon with mandala being planted, mural being painted and even the creation of a wonderful outdoor bath whose water will be recycled to the garden. A recycled copper will heat the water and plants were selected for both privacy and the recycling of the water.

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Crafty Green Poet said...

looks like everyone had a great time, it's always so special to work on an outdoors project together