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Sunday, July 24, 2011

Gold Coast Permaculture Gardening and Cooking Workshops

Gold Coast Permaculture's new gardening and cooking workshops have taken off with a bang.

For those who dream of growing amazing and plentiful vegetables the introduction to organic gardening with Justin was an exciting beginning.

I have never seen vegetables growing with such strength and vigor.

Already Gold Coast Permaculture is a living example of what can be done to renew the soil and create bountiful and nutrient rich food in a city setting.

Sitting under a mango tree drinking lemongrass and ginger tea and eating  delicious vegan muffins was also a great way to learn about food fermentation.

Three informed and creative presenters introduced us to Komucha, Kefir and Kim-Chi and demonstrated their presentation.

It was a special joy to be able to divert to the garden for food to ferment.

That's me in the hat in the center listening intently to this new way to add nutrients to the diet.

What I love about each new activity with this wonderful group is the atmosphere of sharing and caring that permeates and creates a fun event for all.

Below is the ongoing timetable for this series of workshops, and there will also be an additional workshop next Saturday, July 30th at 11.00AM with An Introduction to Sub Tropical Cooking and Vegetables. This will be an interesting workshop on how to cook with vegetables found in the tropic and sub tropics, with preparation, recipes and planting material.

I for one am looking forward to another great day learning to live a new way and sharing the adventure with such special people.


Crafty Green Poet said...

sounds like a great event at a great venue!

The Sage Butterfly said...

That is a very intensive workshop...lots of info. Sounds great!

Don said...

WOW! That garden looks to be doing well! Glad the venue is working out and the workshops are going along so nicely!

Keep it up and keep showing us the progress!


Vince F said...

I love gardening, and your blog as well. Doing workshops in cooking is great idea. Keep doing it.

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MarsyM said...

It is great , well I am not very keen on gardening , but cooking is my passion! I would love to attend a workshop like this!
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claytronj said...

Hi, I cant make the workshops on Saturday mornings. Is there anything going on after midday on Saturday? Even if its just to have a look and a chat. I'd love to come and check it out. I'm new to this and would love to see what you guys do!

Greenearh said...
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Greenearth said...

Hi Claytronj there will be a workshop after midday on Saturday, August 13 · 1:30pm - 2:30pm at 270 Ferry Road, Southport, Gold Coast

It will be free demonstration showing how to make chemical free paint from clay and natural pigments.....Leah will be showing how to paint onto an existing interior wall and Winsome will be demonstrating how to paint on canvas.

For $10 you will also be able to take home your own clay painting.