Saturday, September 17, 2011

From Breast Cancer and Bisphosphonates to Permaculture

It is now three and a half years since my treatment for a third breast cancer. My first breast cancer was in 93 and the second in 99.

Each cancer has required surgery, radiation and hormone therapy. I had reactions to both of the anti-oestrogens I was given after approximately two years, but am now on a new treatment that works for me.

After my third treatment I was also put on a bisphosphonate drug. These drugs have currently been receiving some media attention and am glad that my breast doctor made the decision to take me off this drug at my last appointment.

Because of these hormone therapies I need to exercise hard to keep my bones strong.

This week I began Iyengar yoga with a new teacher and today am aware of every muscle in my body. So good to know am exercising effectively. I will also be doing pilates classes with a physiotherapist.

Sustainable living, organic gardening and permaculture are other powerful new directions.

I had wanted to change my way of living for some time but doors opened after my last treatments.

The first step in this direction was my sustainable home, then membership at a community garden.

At events at this garden I met some wonderful permaculturalists and am now involved with Gold Coast Permaculture.

Through their Gardening and Cooking Workshops I am learning to grow and prepare nutrient rich food that nourish and heal the body.


Anonymous said...

Your positive attitude,calm manner and personal energy serve as an example to us all,this is a wonderful blog

Crafty Green Poet said...

there are so many links between how we grow our food and our health. It's great that you've found the permaculture group!