Saturday, September 3, 2011

Gold Coast Permaculture, Dairy Making, Urban Agriculture and Soil Creation

Under the beautiful mango tree at Gold Coast Permaculture Vanessa introduced her audience to making milk products including cheeses and yoghurt.

Before sharing with us the mystery of cheese making she discussed the need for cows to have the right diet to produce quality milk.

Local vendors of this milk were given and then the details of making cheese.

Elizabeth Fekonia was given as a reference for further information on these topics.

Sylvia further added to the discussion with some suggestions for vegan cheeses and yoghurts.

This area was of special interest to me as a breast cancer survivor.  I follow Jane Plant's Writings in regard to my personal use of milk products.

After the workshop a walk around to see the latest progress in  `Urban Agriculture'
at 270 Ferry Rd.

The Calvo Nero Kale seems to go on forever.

And sunflowers and marsh mellow plants highlight the  vegetables.

Just so much wonderful, strong food. Is that cassava I see at the front end of the row?

The mandala garden begun in the permablitz is also looking amazing.

Hens and bees are further food sources in this corner of the garden, and below we see soil in process and the ingredients that create the rich organic food for all this wonderful food.


The Sage Butterfly said...

I wish more dairy producers would model this method. I know the organic dairy farmers mostly do, however it just seems it would be so much healthier for all of us if the others did as well. I have been eating primarily organic for quite a number of years, and I really notice the difference.

Adelle London said...

You seem to have had great time and learned a few thing about dairy product and that's great! I absolutely agree with you on the importance of organic milk!

Man & Van

Mike said...

I really like the initiative you've undertaken. With such dedication and cause you are headed for success for sure!