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Sunday, September 25, 2011

Rebecca's Permablitz and Creating Rich Permaculture Soil

Always learning with permaculture and Rebecca's  permablitz was no exception.

Thank you David for the wonderful photos and hope to find my own camera soon.

David and Rebecca put together these great pizzas as part of the wonderful food that feed the permablitz crew after their soil building efforts.

This massive pepino was an incentive to what great soil could produce.

Starting with larger cuttings, layer after layer of material was added to create rich soil for Rebecca's new fruit trees.

Strips of wet newspaper made up several layers.

  Compost from Rebecca's impressive compost area was wheeled over in relays for further layers, and all layers were raked for even distribution.

Blue Cracker Dust was also added to give mineral content to the soil.

Noses twitched as layers of food scraps were added and quickly covered by compost and some `five in one'.

Decomposed leaves were also added.

 Sylvia and myself hold posies of comfrey from the outer layers of Rebecca's comfrey plants.

Layers of comfrey made up further layers for this incredible soil mound.

Always so much to learn from a permablitz.

My own trench composting efforts can now look forward to some serious modifications.

Below Leah our special permablitz coordinator gives the finished magnificent pile a water before it is covered in black plastic for further decomposing.

With this powerful soil Rebecca's new fruit trees promise to be magnificent.



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Athena at MinervasGarden said...

Nicely done--that was a lot of hard work, but that soil will be fantasic to garden in next year! I'm jealous!

Athena at Minerva's Garden