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Saturday, October 1, 2011

Gold Coast Permaculture, Mushrooms, Jams, Compotes and Dreams

While one small boys develops his dreams under the colorful banner dreams people gather for the first workshop of the day.

The topic was mushrooms, something of real importance to our planet as well as our immune systems.

Always exciting just to visit 270 Ferry Rd.

The hens look so healthy and the place is developing a unique beauty with its creative flourishes and real earth connection.

Here is the group for the second workshop on jams and compotes, and everyone enjoyed tasting a range of unique jams on Vanessa's homemade pikelets.

Sylvia our special nutritionist with two young permaculturalists.

And here are the wonderful mushroom growing tubes I obtained from the mushroom workshop.

One is Shitake mushrooms and the other Oyster mushrooms and I have pegged them on a line in the basement.

Already mushrooms are growing and will be a welcome addition to my diet.

We learned so much about the importance of mushrooms in our world as well as our own diet.

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