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Saturday, October 22, 2011

Seed Raising, Propagation, Sprouts and More at Gold Coast Permaculture

Another busy Saturday at Gold Coast Permaculture where among the wonderful new soil created from local waste streams and lively bee hives so much was happening.

First a workshop with Justin on Seed Raising and Propagation.

One seed raising mixture given was a 1/3 fine sieved  compost, 1/3 worm casts, and 1/3 vermiculite.

His favorite seed raising mixture also good for propagation was equal parts river sand and  BFA certified compost plus ten percent powdered cow manure.

Here Julie from Varsity Lakes Community Garden gives Justin's favorite seed raising  mixture a try.

Then a workshop on sprouts by Vanessa.

Lots of interested participants and lots of good information.

These Chia Sprouts look especially impressive.

Finally a workshop with Amanda giving some pertinent information as to the advantages of organic food.

Food tasting at the end of the talk confirmed for participants the  advantage of organic food.

Further confirmed by another of Vanessa's wonderful organic cakes.  

All in all another enjoyable and informative day at 270 Ferry Road.

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