Saturday, October 8, 2011

Sustainable Art Studio

Finally painting again. It has taken time but at last the energy is beginning to flow and am creating once more.

Sharing here some glimpses of my studio which is the old balcony of my home now enclosed and made into a sun room.

The windows to the afternoon sun are covered with paper blinds which give me the privacy I crave while working but also allow in the afternoon light.

The other window looks out over the Gold Coast Skyline and needs no blinds.

Walls are painted with organic paint and the floor boards have been sealed with a VOC free sealant.

The front door to my house can be left open on hot days and the air flows right through.

Am experimenting at present with clay paint both commercial and homemade.

It is taking some experimentation to get the color intensity I require in my works using these new mediums but already some successful results and it does feel good to be creating SUSTAINABLE art.


Andrew Willis said...

It seems like a great place for working, I wish you a lot of inspiration in there and I hope you will share your works with us! Vacation of a life time!

The Sage Butterfly said...

Wow...that is a lovely place to create. I find I am most creative when I can see nature. I wish you lots of creativity...

Anonymous said...

My studio is as an enclosed porch similar to yours. It is long and narrow. I am still using traditional artist paints though. We use low VOC products in architecture though.

Lloyd Irving Bradbury said...

i paint in a corner, blindness is a little problem but 80mpainting done wish i could feel ur plants and paint them.