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Monday, October 3, 2011

Sustainable Food Garden Surprises

PhotobucketFrom this to this.

I envisioned three neat trees but instead a full food garden is evolving and more to come.

Below you can see different mounds where I have dug holes and then composted to create raised areas of fertile soil for my new plantings.

These mounds have started with mulch in the bottom of the trench and then layers of food scraps, soil, wet leaves and more mulch.

The secret I am finding is to get a balance of soil, other materials and moisture content such that a friable soil quickly evolves.

As the natural soil in my garden lacks body and is on top of clay I am watching my new trench compost piles and their food plantings with interest.

Yesterday arrowroot, galangal and African spinach were planted in one mound.

The week before yacon and African spinach were planted in another mound.

African spinach is a tough, drought proof plant that I hope will be a successful food source if our summer is hot and dry. It also becomes quite a large, bush like plant and provides plentiful leaves.

I have grown the small seedlings myself and look forward to seeing how they grow and what they can add to a food garden.

It has been a dry and windy week but the first plantings are looking healthy and strong in their moist, deep, newly created soil.


gardenwalkgardentalk.com said...

Good to build your soil they way you are doing it, and you have some interesting plantings going in.

The Sage Butterfly said...

It has been so interesting to see how your garden has evolved. You have worked so hard, and it shows.

Jedediah said...

I enjoy seeing your garden evolve. There's nothing better than harvesting from your own garden.

Dianne said...

you are making a wonderful spot on Earth and I bet Mother Nature is smiling

Leora said...

Inspiring. I should go back and look at these photos in our spring, when I am trying once again to grow a little of my own food.

Rambling Woods said...

Hmm..we have a very clay soil so I read this with interest as the idea of amending soil is something I should do. I think you will have great success and I look forward to watching the progress...Thank you for posting to Nature Notes...Michelle

squirrel said...

You have inspired me to clean up my own garden and get it ready for next spring. I have never tasted any of those things you planted but they sound good.