Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Varsity Vegies Community Garden, Sharing, Caring and Great Food

All are welcome at Varsity Vegies fund Raising Barbecue Friday 28th October at 6.30pm, (behind the community center in the park on Mattocks Road).

The garden goes from strength to strength.

Now at the beginning of its third year the results of effort are showing fruit.

Look at this for a passion fruit vine and what wonderful juicy sweet treats it produces for all to share.

Here is June whose gardening expertise has guided our passion fruit vine watering banana's in the swale she helped to create.

The swale is in an area of garden that flooded each time it rained but the building of a swale here has resulted in a blossoming garden area where banana and coco yams mix with comfrey, coriander, pumpkins, water melons and cucmbers.

Carlene another caring gardener attends her broad beans and tomatoes.

Fruit is just beginning to form on the tamarillo tree Carlene has nursed back to health.

And here is Chris sitting under the mural at the front of the garden shed busy organizing garden paper work on his laptop.

It's a busy and active team at Varsity Lakes Community Garden and each person is able to use their own gifts to contribute.

Monica is our resident tropical garden expert, and her garden features, coco yams, taro, sweet potato from which she gets prolific crops and I will have to ask her what her other plantings are.

Always something to learn when you garden with such an interesting team.

Two images from my own patch to finish.

The dwarf broad beans I planted as seeds in the winter and which have become much TALLER than imagined and full of beans and the very special purple beans I discovered through May another special gardener who comes from China and who teaches me something new every evening we are in the garden together.


Leora said...

All this wonderful gardening is making me want some fresh beans!

Rambling Woods said...

I think I have followed this garden via you for some time now and it has been so exciting to see how it is such a community effort and I am admiring your stand on taking control of your health..I need to do that...Michelle

Kaylie Mitchell said...

I am sure they take good care of the garden. Theerfore the result is so brilliant: strenght and healthy vegetables. The beans look really good! Great job!