Thursday, November 24, 2011

Gold Coast Permaculture, THANK YOU For Sharing This Year

It has been a joy this year to learn about new ways of producing and preparing food with Gold Coast Permaculture.

Rain or shine the classes have continued each weekend in the shed, in the grounds or under the beautiful mango tree.

There have been so many wonderful things to learn including, Establishing New Food Systems and Sharing Seeds, Organic Pest Control and Raw Foods, Introduction to Organic Gardening and Fermented Foods, Dairy Making, Urban Agriculture and Soil Creation, Sprouting, and Mushrooms, Jams and Compotes.

As well as the shared knowledge there has been the joy of watching this knowledge being implemented.

Each week eager participants have been able to watch the development of the soil and the food flourishing in this soil.

Many people including myself now have a new vision of what is possible in urban agriculture and are using what we have learned to grow and eat food in a different way.

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Paula Smith said...

What you are doing is just great, take my congratulations, if I did not work too much, I would definitely be involved in a club where I can grow things! Storage