Sunday, November 20, 2011

Urban Gardening, Creating Change

Here is my front garden two years ago, and here it is today.

This area had a rubber tree growing when I brought my home and this was dug out and lavender, nasturtiums, five spice, aloe vera and a frangipane tree planted.

Compost, rock dust and mulch were added to the soil and 2 passionfruit vines planted beside the fence behind. 

The bare areas along the side fence have also evolved.

The first project was planting some palms adjacent to my house for a privacy screen.

The second project, my food forest came about when the neighbor at the bottom of the garden requested the removal of the large, nitrogenous native tree on their fence line.

The removal of this tree allowed the winter sunlight to burst forth to this area and I used the mulch from the tree along with newspaper and enriched compost as the basis of my new food forest.

This has been very much a learning curve and during the winter months it appeared I had lost several of my new trees.

But with spring came delightful surprises, new leaves and new fruits.

Paws paws and cassava are among the trees in this area.

I have also created mounds on which vegetables and other survival plants such as yacon that perfect food for diabetics and Egyptian spinach are growing.

For these mounds I simply dug holes and filled with layers of vegetable scraps, compost, soil and rock dust.

When the mounds became large enough I planted into them. 

My favorite trees are currently the Drumstick Tree.

Three of these have been nurtured at the bottom of the garden over winter and are looking more lively now.

Here is one with its wonderful soft foliage just able to be seen over the dry foliage.

The leaves have a unique and delicious flavor and sometimes I nibble as I garden, but as the trees are so new am very careful what is taken.

They are such beautiful plants seems almost mean to eat them.

This fig tree was just twig over winter and doubted it would live but was placed in a large pot and soil mounded around.

Spring brought new leaves and also its first fig. I am so looking forward to eating that fig.


KellySTR said...

The garden looks incredible, I like the fig trees because it is useful also! I hope you gathered the fig fruits and made some jam with them! Removals

Carver said...

It's so much fun watching a garden develop.

eileeninmd said...

Wow, your gardens are lovely. Wonderful photos. I love watching my garden grow thru-out the season. Thanks for sharing your nature photos.

Rambling Woods said...

I agree...I am enjoying the results, but the process is fun too. I can't wait till next spring in my garden...Michelle

Sally Spectra said...

This is lovely idea! Who said you can't have garden in urban environment?! It is really beautiful and looks so nice!