Saturday, November 5, 2011

Why A Sustainable Home After Breast Cancer???

After a third breast cancer I have made a concentrated effort to change the way I live. Here is the living area of my new sustainable home where I work to keep surfaces and furniture simple and natural. The walls and floors are coated with safe VOC (Volatile Organic Substance) free finishes.

My efforts have been confirmed by groundbreaking research coordinated by the non-profit Silent Spring Institute which gives support to the role of synthetic chemicals in the increasing  breast cancer figures.

Their study identified 216 man-made chemicals shown to cause breast cancer in animals.

Many of these chemicals are founds in everyday products including pesticides, cosmetics, dyes, drugs and gasoline.

These substances shown to cause breast cancer in animals are believed by researchers to be responsible for the rise in human breast cancers.

Many of these chemicals “mimic” naturally occurring hormones in the human body.

Further evidence for these lifestyle exposures comes from Scandinavian figures showing the breast cancer risk of adopted children parallels the risk of the family they grew up in, not that of their biological family.

Adopted children share eating patterns, lifestyle patterns and geography with their adopted parents.

In my new sustainable lifestyle I try to avoid unnecessary chemical exposures, synthetic materials, plastics and pesticides. I also grow and eat organic foods.

Our contemporary world makes avoiding chemical exposures often difficult but having a sustainable home is a great starting point.


The Sage Butterfly said...

A lovely place to dwell! I like your beautiful place on the planet. I hope to someday be able to build a home that incorporates more of these practices. And maybe, as more people become interested...the prices will come down. It is great that you have been able to create this for yourself!!

Mac_fromAustralia said...

Your living area is beautiful, fresh and simple and lovely.
I've been trying to make our home environmentally friendly but sometimes it's an uphill battle, sometimes even with specifically chosen products, eg, the faulty batch of low VOC paint, and the organic cotton sheets bearing the name of a celebrity who appeared to have legitimate credentials in the areas of environmentalism and breast cancer but which were packaged in plastic that smelled worse than the packaging of regular sheets and needed lots of washing. I hope as more people become interested safer products will become easier to find and more affordable, and companies that hope to profit from it will learn they need to provide the real thing not just greenwashing.

elenareviews said...

You are very courageous. That's great.

Ruth Almon said...

You are so right!! That picture is amazing. Such good energy in that room. Beautiful.

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