Friday, December 9, 2011

Discovering Soil, Compost & Natural Fertilizers with Gold Coast Permaculture

There is always so much to learn with Gold Coast Permaculture.

Today's talks with Justin and Charles were full of so much good information for creating rich, living, soil and plants.

I always find seeing what Gold Coast Permaculture is achieving using permaculture methods inspiring.

Today was no exception, and it was clear from the garden's abundance that the best pest defense is the wonderful soil here that is building such strong plants.

Felt green with envy at their nutrient rich compost pile and have promised myself to create a compost heap in my garden using the Berkley Method next year.

Justin also showed us how to use nitrogen fixing plants to bring life back to sandy soil. The concept of  innoculating nitrogen fixing seeds was a new one for me to digest.

Adding to the legume crops by further building up the soil with layers of compost, mulches and manures was apparent in the new community garden area.

Herbicides and pesticides destroy the many living microorganisms that create soil, but working with what nature has provided creates a soil full of vigor and life.

Charles took the journey further by showing us how to make biofertilizers which add further micro nutrients to this living matter.

Next year Gold Coast Permaculture will be developing these soil enriching methods further.

I can see care of the land, care of the people and the redistribution of the surplus, permaculture's guiding ethics will continue with vigor on Australia's Gold Coast next year.


Donna @ The House on the Corner said...

Great, great information!!! I love the idea of fighting pest using natural remedies!!!! Absolutely the way to go.

Thanks for sharing with the Tuesday Train!

TaylorBaynton said...

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