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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

How to Propagate a Tamarillo with Rebecca

I had been wanting a Tamarillo tree for my garden so it was a joyous surprise when my friend Rebeca asked if I would help her propagate her heavily loaded tree and put my name on one of the new plants created.

For those of you unfamiliar with Tamarillos they originate from South America and are also known as tree tomatoes.

They range in color from purple to yellow and you eat their wonderful pulpy insides.

They can be tart. but Rebecca's Tamarillos I found sweet to my taste.

They are also very good for you being high in fibre, calcium, iron, phosphorus plus vitamins A and C.

Here is Rebecca knife poised about to begin propagating.

And here is branch about to be propagated on which I have placed my name.

Below are the different items we required for propating.

These items are Sphagnum Moss, Cling Wrap and Rooting Hormone. (You can use quality honey instead of Rooting Hormone.) We also did use some strong cellotape.

And here is the propagation process.

First a  partial cut was made on the downside of the branch to be propagated.

Then some Rooting Hormone (or  honey) was gently applied to the lining of the cut.

A  piece of soft leaf was used to spread the Rooting Hormone.

Sphagnum Moss was next gently pushed into the cut and held there using Clad Wrap.

Finally some strong wide Cellotape was wrapped around the Cling Wrap to make it even more secure.

Roots will form within the cut and a new Tamarillo tree will be ready for planting in my garden in about three months, next March.

Will be preparing some rich, friable soil for it to have a great start on its journey.

Am so looking forward to having a fruit filled Tamarillo tree.


Bamboo said...

It looks so much like a granadilla. Is it the same fruit with a different name? Do you eat the seeds?


Jo's This and That said...

How neat! Thanks for sharing! Merry Christmas!

Maya Lee said...

Never heard tamarillo until now that I get to read your blog. It's just like a tomato in the inside. Cool. Keep it up. I like your blog because it's worth reading.