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Thursday, December 15, 2011

Permaculture versus Roundup Ready GMO Crops

Roundup ready GMO crops are about interfering with natural ecosystems, Permaculture is about working with natural ecosystems.

Roundup ready GMO is being found to make food plants weaker and more vulnerable to disease while Permaculture creates stronger food plants able to withstand disease.

Glyphosate present in Roundup ready GMO crops affects soil biology in a negative way by interfering with the absorption of micronutrients, Permaculture affects soil biology in a positive way by building up micronutrients.

The latest information coming out on Roundup Ready GE crops is showing the presence of a new organism, completely unknown until now that is able to reproduce and cause disease in both plants and animals.

Professor Don M. Huber of Purdue University. Huber who is also a coordinator for the USDA National Plant Disease Recovery System has discovered the organism and has penned  an open letter to Agriculture Secretary Tom Vilsack.

Meanwhile I am gaining strength from my own Permaculture garden, where to my amazement after almost two years of working with sustainable strategies I now find almost no pests. Today saw a grasshopper but before I could catch it a bird snapped it up.

So what is Permaculture?

Permaculture is the consious design and maintenance of agricuturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems.

Early permaculture focused on agriculture and food systems, but its design principles are now being applied to urban food production, suburban gardens, farms, communities, larger bioregions and even social systems.

The principles behind Permaculture are care of the earth, care of the people and share or return of the surplus.

The more I learn of Permaculture the more I want to learn. Our relationship with nature is complex and requires both scientific understanding and observation.

For Permaculture the problem is the solution. For example if you have too many snails in a garden the permaculture approach would be that system is out of balance and this creates an opportunity to rethink the design to become more productive.

Given a choice of Roundup Ready GMO Crops or Permaculture it is clear which choice I would make. I do hope the world will wake up and join me.

Natural ecosystems are precious and have the ability to renew us all.


Andrea said...

I hope you reach more readers and adoptors. Maybe putting a Facebook page will be another step-up way for this. Our country is not yet too involved in the GMO weedkiller technologies because we don't have very wide commercial areas, but i hope the sustainable farming movement, organic agriculture movement, and the likes of permaculture will be fully used also in our country. But in our own farm, which is not really commercial, we just leave everything there, no inputs and not much produce also. But at least whatever we get, we know are organic and hazardless.

DanielClark said...

This is nice post. Imagine a particular crop, there is no other purpose but to attract insects, usually eating your vegetables, more and more, but like plants more attractive to hazardous pesticides they no longer need to spray with the garden to keep the error of another species.