Sunday, December 4, 2011

Overcoming Breast Cancer, An Ongoing Journey

It is almost twenty years now since I first had breast cancer. Since then I have had two more breast cancers and today I am well.

I thank all the wonderful medical people who have been part of my journey back to health but one thing I have learned as a cancer survivor is that becoming well is a journey of change.

Twenty years ago medical and environment understandings were so different to today.

When I was first diagnosed I put all my faith in medical solutions but gradually as my cancers continued to happen I realized I needed to understand more.

This journey I try to express on this blog with posts about my new sustainable home, growing an organic garden and an increasing knowledge of permaculture.

There is much more of course but changing the chemicals we are exposed to in our daily lives is a great way to start the journey of cancer prevention.

The quotes below from the article `Soft-Pedaling Prevention, We celebrate those who beat cancer but ignore efforts to prevent it,' in the Pittsburgh City Paper expresses powerfully the reality of today's world.

"More scientists are now like Epstein, raising alarms that synthetic chemicals drive cancers"

 "DDT is just one of at least 84,000 synthetic chemicals. Some are known carcinogens; the vast majority remain untested for health effects."

"Passing laws to reduce exposure to such chemicals is difficult, partly because of the chemical industry's political influence."

I live in a sustainable home, eat organic food and work to eliminate unnecessary chemicals in my life, but our world needs more.

We require a sense of responsibility from our governments and corporations for what they are doing to our planet and its inhabitants.

Let's hope for change and a healthy world in the future.


Laura Dobs said...

I adore people like you, who managed to fight such a scary disease and I appreciate very highly your kindness to share experience with other people, who need help, support, guidance or just hope... Go on with this noble cause! Moving

neetshaun said...

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Brooke said...

This is a moving message - I actually posted a little about my challenges in going green today in my blog on a semi-related note.

I found you via Welcome Wednesday and decided to give you a follow too.


Nancy said...


Barb said...

Sometimes I'm ashamed to be human. Thank God for people like you who are up to the challenge of creating a better life for themselves and others.

MyMaracas said...

You're fighting the good fight with courage and generosity.

Ann Kroeker said...

We control what we can, make changes, but in the end there is so much that affects us that is out of our control. So glad you are cancer free, and adding all those plants to clean your air in your home, with what looks to be maybe bamboo flooring?

May you continue to be cancer-free as you encourage others to go organic, reduce plastic use, etc. So much to counteract...

Rambling Woods said...

I too admire your willingness to step up and take control and reach outside of what is strictly medical and it was worked...stay well...Michelle