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Wednesday, August 31, 2011

Changing to a Permaculture Garden

My garden is changing.

Once it was about growing organic food but now I try to apply permaculture concepts.

My food forest area is part of this change.

Many of the plants in this part of the garden are ones I have learned about through permaculture workshops.

Drumstick trees, cassava and cocoyams are all new foods to me and now feature in this area.

The leaves framing this photo are those of the drumstick tree.

Another exciting new plant is the pigeon pea, and am also growing some of these. They have been slow to take over Winter but one is seen at the left with some self sown tomatoes in the background.

Learning to renew soil is an important aspect of permaculture.

Feel somewhat of a slow learner on all of this but gradually my soil is being enriched with chop and drop mulch, compost, rock minerals and plenty of dried cow manure.

Building good soil is ongoing and gradually am coming to understand the role of carbon and nitrogen in making plants grow more efficiently.

Not always successes but always a joy to see plants responding to effort like the mulberry tree now with buds and this rather copious tomato that has emerged at the bottom of the garden.