Monday, September 19, 2011

New Foods, Perilla, Agrimony, Pursulane, Lebanese Cress and Drumstick Tree

Adding tasty herb leaves to salads is something I enjoy.

Gina Winters the speaker at September meeting of the Gold Coast Organic Growers extended this concept further by suggesting eating a few leaves from a variety of plants while in your garden was a great way to get vital nutrients.

My own garden is now boasting a wider range of herbs including perilla. This tasty herb is rich in minerals and vitamins, and has important anti-inflammatory properties.

Agrimony is a further nutritious herb known for cleansing the blood.

Pursulane considered a weed by some is the best plant source of omega 3 oils so important for keeping weight in check and bodies healthy.

Lebanese Cress is a great addition to any salad and can add decorative touches to a wide variety of dishes.

The Drumstick Tree so beautiful with its soft foliage is one of the most valuable garden plants. Its leaves are 38% protein and contain 8 essential amino acids. The leaves also have a unique and enjoyable taste.

So many new and valuable foods to discover. Will head out now and prepare a salad for lunch.