Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Brazilian Spinach, Purslane, Sweet Potato, Society Garlic and More

Brazilian Spinach, Purslane, Sweet Potato, Society Garlic and Mint are on the plate freshly picked for dinner.

Brazilian Spinach is the crinkly leaved plant at the top of the plate. It is a strong perennial that will grow in the most difficult of conditions making a dense ground cover and attracting no pests. It is great gently steamed with a little olive oil added once cooked or finely cut in salads.

Purslane cuttings are beneath the Brazilian Spinach. This plant has more omega-3 fatty acids than some fish oils and is a great food for vegetarians. It is another strong grower with few pests. I eat it daily added to salads. For those who would like to know its scientific name is Portulaca oleracea.

The bright pink sweet potato is one of several types of sweet potato. These are one of the of the best vegetables you can eat and are loaded with carotenoids, vitamin C, potassium, and fiber. They are also great steamed and with olive oil added when cooked.

Society garlic to the left side of the plate looks like garlic chives but with a much stronger flavor. This is a strong grower that adds a punch to any dish with its strong true flavor.

There is also a sprig of mint on the plate. I love a hint of fresh mint to freshen a meal.

Other strong summer growers are basil, nasturtiums and passion fruit.

What a joy it is to eat freshly picked food. These favorite Permaculture foods just keep giving whatever the weather.


The Sage Butterfly said...

Everything looks so healthy! I have tried this spinach is a bit different than the spinach I normally eat.

Rambling Woods said...

Since I have been reading your blog, I have been paying more attention to organics and it is so hard to find them in the winter here and very expensive. I wish I had room for a garden..but maybe I could do some container pots ...hmmm..something to research I think...