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Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Permaculture Home Garden in Rain and Heat

My permaculture home garden continues to thrive in the rain and heat.

This paw paw transplanted from another garden less than six months ago is already offering fruit.

The yacon are thriving and am so looking forward to harvesting these ground apples.

They are so good for you with their sweetness coming from the healthy inulin. Lots of other valuable nutrients in them as well making it such an easy to grow super food.

In the bottom of the garden the Drumstick Trees continue to thrive.

Hope to be adding their protein rich leaves to my meals very soon but for the moment just the occassional nibble as they continue to grow stronger.

Lots of sweet potatoes also growing here, such a great ground cover in this hotter weather. Have had some delicious, large sweet potatoes from the raised mound around the fig tree, and one delicious fig from the fig tree. This small tree which almost died in the winter but now lots of new figs about to form.

Also enjoying eating the pigeon peas.

These were planted originally to provide nitrogen in a difficult part of the garden but are now providing really delicious peas and a great shade barrier for more vulnerable plants.

And last but not least one of my black mulberry cuttings has grown in the same difficult area of the garden. Small at present but just love those sweet, plumb mulberries so look forward to it progressing well.


Jedediah said...

I love your garden. I'd like to grow pigeon peas, but it's too cold here I think.

Barb said...

Just been browsing through your blog and am finding it very interesting.

Rambling Woods said...

I am glad to see some fellow Nature Noters here..I was at the store today looking at organics and I need to join a co-op to get a better selection which I am going to do...Thank you for linking to Nature Notes....have a great week, I know you will eat well....Michelle