Sunday, February 19, 2012

Growing Big Sweet Potatoes in the New Food Forest

Pictured is my sweet potato mound and the enormous sweet potato is one of the many gathered from this mound.

The mound was created about five months ago and planted with a collection of sweet potato runners.

The runners were looped and these loops planted together in one hole at the top of the mound.

Last year I had sweet potato runners everywhere but no sweet potatoes.

With this simple technique given by a fellow community gardener from New Guinea I have a constant supply of large and very delicious sweet potatoes.

 I also let my sweet potatoes  meander among my new food forest to provide ground cover in the heat.

When the weather is cooler I will cut back the runners and plant more mounds.

 The runners are said by some to take the plants energy away from creating tubers.

But with this technique there seems to be plenty of tubers.

My friend from New Guinea also tells me I can add the tender new leaves of the runners to stir fries.

This I have yet to try.

Always something new to discover when you have a food garden.


Denise said...

Very interesting.

seashore said...

This is getting me excited to try to start my garden this spring. Just need to wait for it to warm up a bit.

Ann said...

sweet potato leaves is now touted in Taiwan and Singapore as the new health organic veg.

We used to eat them all the time. My Dad says, if you pick the leaves, you don't get tuber. May be the weather in Oz is different.