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Friday, March 9, 2012

Permaculture Survival Foods

During the heat and humidity of February it is good to know which plants continue to provide ongoing food in my permaculture garden.

Above `The Mushroom Plant' and `Lebanese Cress' flourish in a shady corner.

The spinach to the left is considered feral by some of my friends but I love its sharp taste when steamed and a splash of organic olive oil added after cooking. It is just such a hardy plant.

`Brazilian Spinach' is another green that can be relied. I seem to have it most nights at present again steamed with some organic olive oil and a touch of sea salt.

And paw paws are just the best plants. So much generous fruit. They are delicious when ripe or can be grated when green and added to salads.

So much wonderful fresh food, I love having a garden.



Rambling Woods said...

It is so strange to think of February as a good food month as it is usually the coldest and most snowy we have. Your veg and fruits look so good you can almost hear the crispness when you pick them and taste the fruit.. Thank you for adding some of Mother Nature's best foods to Nature Notes...Michelle

Libby Rodriguez said...

I love the paw paw tree. I was just reading the No 1 Ladies Detective series and they mention these and I wondered what they looked like!