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Sunday, March 11, 2012

Sustainable Living Brings Joy

The stairs to my new home are one's walked with joy.

My early paintings were also often stairs but they were more about my inner journey.

The metamorphosis of my life which is reflected in my artwork is about to have a page in `The Art Collector' Australia's respected art voice.

One of the editiors contacted me and was interested in the story behind my work.

The development of my work can be seen at winsomegunning.com.


Emma Jameson said...

Your paintings are really beutiful. I think this is great way to express what's inside your inner world. I would like to had the gift of drawing so well.
Home Property

Laura said...


Pamela said...

What a treat to see some of your work. What a blessing to be able to share your art. My mother is an artist and how I wish that talent would have fallen on me! Instead I just appreciate who others have shown -- like your beautiful work.

Denise said...

Your works are very lovely.

Tracy said...

Hi Greenearth - wow, I love your blog. i think i will be back to learn more. thank you for linking up with winsome Wednesday. I enjoyed seeing you there and look forward to seeing you there again next week :)
God bless