Friday, March 16, 2012

Swansong Sustainable Garden

Summer's swansong in my sustainable garden has brought a mixture of regret and promise.

Love so much that summer lushness but now it's time to cut back.

Two cooler days this week saw the beginning of the winter garden.

First to be cut back, the cassava which looked wonderful but was beginning to dominate and take light from other plantings.

The leaves were placed around other trees and the cuttings shared with other gardeners.

Cassava is a new food for me and have just discovered it provides available calcium.

To eat it requires peeling and cooking to remove toxicity.

I put peeled chunks into water and soak for three days. This is a method used in Africa to remove toxicity which also makes it easier to digest.

The water it is soaked in is then discarded and it is boiled in new water.

Drained and with a dash of salt and olive oil it is not  unlike potato in both texture and taste.

It provides carbohydrates like  potatoes, vitamin C and a range of other valuable nutrients.

Pigeon peas are another plant that has grown quickly this summer.  Have been trimming them back and using them as mulch.


Denise said...

Good post.

A Few Pennies said...

Interesting post; I never knew of this plant (herb?)--love the shrubs next to the wooden fence; pretty and green.

Ann said...

Which is your Cassava plant?

In Malaysia, we have tapioca. People say if you plant it upside dwn, then it becomes poisonous. Is tapoica the same as

Mum and dad went to live in the Gold Coast. They ae dead, my bros still do, one bro plants heaps.