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Friday, April 6, 2012

I Didn't Plan a Permaculture Garden???

This is not the garden I planned, but then when I began my garden I had not heard of permaculture.

Many of the permaculture plants in my garden I did not know a year ago but now they are becoming the staples of my food garden.

Yacon growing here behind the turmeric is one of these plants and I just love its sweet taste and crunchy texture.

The sweetness of yacon comes from inulin which is a substance edible by diabetics.This ordinary looking little root is a powerful antioxidant and is also credited as a prebiotic.

 Another permaculture special plant the Drumstick Trees at the bottom of the garden are also growing into soft beautiful trees.

 Their leaves have the most exotic taste and soon I will be trying out the special dhal that uses these leaves and whose recipe is available through the link above.

You can also eat their pods so the larger they grow the more they become wonderful food security plants.

And here is my latest special paw paw tree.

This one was a foundling from a permaculture garden that had to be discarded.

It's beginning in well prepared soil gave it a wonderful head start in my newer garden.

This paw paw has more flowers and fruit coming all the time.

Thank you again permaculture.


the cape on the corner said...

what a lush space! what are those fruits? i don't know what they are.

Greenearth said...

The fruits are paw paws, really healthful, delicious and easy to grow.

Jessica said...

wow, things are growing! thanks for sharing. If you have time to stop by, my site is over at www.forgottencompass.com

Rambling Woods said...

What a difference you've made and you always post the most interesting vegetables and health info..thank you for linking to Nature Notes..Michelle

Justin Rooney said...

Having a beautiful garden to peacefully rest in, whenever you feel tired or stressed, must be very invigorating. I really love this place of yours. You are lucky to have this exotic piece of oasis in your background.
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