Thursday, May 10, 2012

Breast Cancer, Good Food and Permaculture

It is almost twenty years now since I was first diagnosed with breast cancer and since then I have had two additional  concurrent breast cancers. (Concurrent means new cancers not related to the previous cancers.)

This week I am happy to report my yearly tests came back clear.

I don't find the day I spend at a local breast clinic easy but I trust their  thoroughness.

The first two cancers I found myself  but the third one was in a difficult position and without tests would have been missed.

Each time I have had the cancer removed with clear perimeters obtained followed by six weeks of radiation.

The first two cancers were treated with Tamoxifen and Fareston which were both rejected by my body. I now take Femara which works for me.

After the third cancer I decided to change my lifestyle, create a chemical free home and grow healthy organic food.

I  was amazed at the difference in energy this new lifestyle brought.

It is often difficult to recognize the effects of toxins in your food and environment until you remove yourself from them.

I wish I had understood the impact toxic chemicals were having, but life is not that simple and creating a new lifestyle has needed major adjustments on many levels.

Just this week a friend said to me she couldn't live like me because she likes to party, but I haven't missed a thing.

The new people I am meeting in the permaculture movement have wonderful passion and conviction and an understanding of how the world could be a better place for all.

I am amazed by what they are achieving creating organic gardens in such places as Afghanistan, the Middle East and `Our Dying Cities'.

There is enough food for all if we renew our devitalized earth. It is about change and change is difficult but our world needs change.

The joy of good food, good soil and sharing with generous spirits is life giving and can sustain our planet.


Preciouspeas said...

Beautiful post!

Jane said...

Beautiful post! I have been doing research on diet and how it relates to cancer...Having one friend who has had success with a holistic treatment...and diet...and now my sister, who just had a tiny (miniscule) tumor removed, plus 12 doses of radiation. I think I need to learn more about healthy, organic eating...