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Friday, May 4, 2012

Food & Soil Workshops at Gold Coast Permaculture

Food and soil workshops at Gold Coast Permaculture today introduced many participants to ways of obtaining the best organic food from their soil.

Sarah began the day with an introduction to permaculture concepts.

Dan followed up with the mixes for growing seeds, cuttings and potting up.

  Everyone enjoyed discovering the wide range of organic seedlings available.

Next an introduction to soil biology with Greg from Wormtec.

Followed by Charles introducing us to no-dig gardens and how to make our own lime sulphur.

Lots of great information, great concepts and the beginning for many of new ways of thinking about food production.


macaranga said...

Great Blog site - yes it was a very informative day and so inspiring to connect with other passionate lovers of this wonderful planet - its a never ending education and amazing discoveries of our creators handiwork - it was a pleasure to meet you and hope we can stay in contact - would love to visit your community garden

cheers Marette

macaranga said...

Pemaculture happing in urban Surfers Paradise !!! I love it

Greenearth said...

Thanks for your comments Marette.

It was a great day wasn't it and so exciting to be part of this new way of renewing our planet.

Wednesday mornings are open days at Varsity Community Garden behind the Community Center on Mattocks Rd.

There is also a contact form on my other site where I can be contacted directly.

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