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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Permaculture Innovations at Jude's Garden Paradise

Permaculture innovations abound at Jude Lai's Garden Paradise.

A chute from the kitchen window takes garden scraps directly to the compost bin.
 Garden scraps are also used for making worm tea.

Jude uses this directly on large trees or dilutes for more fragile plants.
 Rows of water tanks make this a great food security hide out.
 Water chestnuts grow in a container.

Jude has just harvested several on the path.

Another water tank on the path to the lower garden.
A friendly bull poses for the camera as Judes discusses different types of Taro.

A the bottom of the path a beautiful setting with a sacred feeling.

The lower shed has solar panels on the roof and innovative plantings along the back wall.

A forest of Malabar Chestnuts is a precious food security chest.

Dragon fruit cascade with abundance from their host trees.
The Nerang River abounds with fish and is a source of water for the garden.
Jude shows us how Malabar Chestnut's are intertwined when young to make a more productive harvest.
A forest of ginger lines this garden area.
More abundant fruiting plants make this a real garden of Eden.
The team with Jude loaded down with generous cuttings and seeds to propagate and share.

Thank you for a wonderful day Jude and for showing us what is possible when we honor our earth.


Libby said...

This is great! So inspiring!

BTW, thanks for visiting my urban planning blog. I have felt as though I was onto something taking a 'start from scratch' approach. But, I wasn't getting any feedback and I thought maybe I was not explaining it very well...

So, I LOVED your feedback!!

Rambling Woods said...

I agree with Libby..it is inspiring and some things I was not familiar with at all...Michelle

momstheword said...

This is really cool. I especially love the chute where you can toss the scraps onto the compost heap. So cool. Thanks for linking up to Making Your Home Sing Monday!

soho stitch said...

There is so much in this garden!!!!
Fantasic :)