Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Before and After at Sustainable Food Security Garden

The Back of My Sustainable HomePhotobucketGoing through old posts this week and their images made me realize how my understanding of my plants and land had evolved in this new sustainable food security garden.

Three years ago I was a complete novice gardener with a newly acquired home and an empty block of land.

The dream was to grow my own organic food after recovering from a third concurrent breast cancer.

The garden is still very much in process but these photos showing before and after photos of the same two pieces of land show the dream is still happening.

The longer term plantings such as the fruit trees are developing well.

Lots of mistakes along the way as my blog posts record but am learning how  plants react to different parts of the land.

The rose apple tree for example was quietly dying on my front lawn as have all the other fruit trees I have attempted to grow there.

It had been planted by the book with all the required soil additives including dolomite to break down the heavy layer of clay beneath the top soil

Even with tender loving care this was just not the place for this tree.

So frail I thought it would die, it was dug  up, placed it at the bottom of the garden, forgotten about and it flourished.

A good lesson in finding the right place in a garden for each plant to blossom.

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