Friday, June 22, 2012

Brazilian Spinach, Lebanese Cress, Society Garlic & More for Dinner from Community Garden Plot

For dinner tonight a plate of fresh greens straight from my community garden plot.

Knowing the food is strong and fresh, no chemicals and grown in a soil  enriched by my own labor is  rewarding.

My plot always has a somewhat wild look but there is always something for dinner.

 Tonight will lightly steam steam the Brazilian spinach and Chinese greens.

I will also be having a piece of tuna  and will lightly sear the tuna with some of these little cherry tomatoes.

Some steamed sweet potato and a salad from the remaining greens will complete my meal.

Drizzled with organic olive oil and fresh lemon juice it will be a fresh alkalizing meal thanks to my community vegetable plot.

 This post is part of Fight Back Friday.


Recipe world said...

So nice to see these garden fresh veggies! Very nice garden you have..
Thanks for leaving a lovely comment at my space :)


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Anonymous said...

Are these tomatoes or cherries?

Greenearth said...

They are cherry tomatoes, very sweet and delicious.