Sunday, June 17, 2012

Breast Cancer Prevention Breakfast, Black Sticky Rice Porridge

Black Sticky Rice Porridge is made from a glutinous rice that is black because it is unmilled.

The bran remaining on this rice contains anthynocyanins also found in beetroot and some berries and which are said to help prevent cancer among other benefits.

Black Sticky Rice Porridge is also delicious and easy to make once you have obtained black sticky rice and palm sugar from your local Asian Grocer.

One cup of this rice is soaked overnight and then five cups of water are added.

I include whatever is left of the beautiful, black soaking water as part of this five cups.

You then bring your rice to the boil and simmer for about an hour stirring occasionally until the rice is soft to the bite.

Approximately four tablespoons of grated palm sugar are next melted in depending on taste.

The Black Sticky Rice Porridge is now ready to serve with coconut cream and bananas.

It  is just the most delicious and easy to make breakfast.

I made it this weekend for my sister who came to stay from New Zealand and who was also introduced to Gold Coast Permaculture's great site at 270 Ferry Rd.

She was lucky to find the most beautiful winter weather on the Gold Coast and this great breakfast gave us both an energy filled start to the day.

 This post is part of Wholefoods Wednesday.


Katie said...

Never heard of black sticky rice. Next time I get to a city I'll have to check out the Asian markets. Beetroot, on the other hand, I dearly love and add it to most of my summer salads.

Jamie said...

Rice porridge is a delicious snack for breakfast and afternoon. Often it is mixed with cocoa and coconut milk.

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Veganosaurus said...

We get Burmese black rice here which sounds very similar. I loooove the deep purple colour after it's cooked and also the stickiness! My favourite way of eating it is with vegan peanut yogurt and some savoury seasoning. Next time I'll try out your combination of coconut cream and bananas.