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Friday, June 29, 2012

Breast Cancer, Sustainable Living and Fracking

Breast cancer, sustainable living and fracking are intertwined in my mind.

In my new home I make every effort to live sustainably that is in a way that will have minimal long-term effect on the environment, our earth and its people.

Before a third breast cancer was diagnosed however I was living in an apartment block where chemicals were used with ease.

I became aware my health was being impacted, but as one voice among many in the apartment block I was not able to change the way things were done.

I put my apartment on the market but it took three years to sell. 

During that time I required surgery for a large ovarian cyst and then a breast cancer was discovered.

So how does this relate to fracking?

My time at the apartment block and its impact on my health gives me empathy for all those people affected by fracking.

Fracking impacts individuals' health and the health of our environment. 

My own experience has made me feel strongly when I see something happening that is going to impact the health of not only individuals but also our water and soil.

                                                                                                           There are other solutions to our energy needs.

                                                                                    When will our leaders finally create real change and 
                                                                                    stop this needless destruction of the soil and water  on  which we all depend?


Lovlie said...

I feel really sorry about your cancer. :( Unfortunately fracking has recently been introduced in Ireland despite numerous protests from people. And sadly they are doing it in the most beautiful counties of the country. It's really revolting to think that we do our best and take care of our health but still our well-being is at the mercy of those above.

Greenearth said...

Thank you for your concern, but I am now well.

Fracking is just not a solution to economic woes. We need new ways and we leaders who are strong enough to create these new directions.