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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

The Latest Science Breakthroughs at Science News plus Great Online Coupons

A visit to  SciTechDaily.com gives the latest in science news 2012 and now also offers a range of great online coupons and discount promo codes including Vistaprint coupons for all your printing needs.

Informative and exciting articles have been updated daily at Scitechdaily since 1998.

As someone who has recovered from breast cancer I find their information on the latest in cancer research of great interest.

A current article details how researchers at MIT and Harvard Medical School have created biodegradable nanoparticles capable of turning off genes in cancer cells.

These nanoparticles pose no harm to the human body as they are made from DNA and RNA and deliver their snippets directly to the cancer tumors.

As well as providing new possibilities for  cancer treatments these nanoparticles are now also being designed to shut down genes involved in other genetic diseases.

A second article details information on a new antibody drug that increases the body's immune system to enable it fight cancer.

Another article I found of interest is on climate change and shows how cities most active in preparing for climate change are not the wealthiest but those that will be most affected by natural disasters or changes in temperature or rainfall.

Discovering the latest in science news 2012 does give hope a new and better world can be created for all.

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