Thursday, June 7, 2012

Pumpkin Growing and Pigeon Peas

 Finally a successful pumpkin.

Wet weather and lack of bees has seemed to result in a succession of small yellow pumpkins that dropped off.

When this small female flower opened I fertilized it with a male flower and finally success.

 A friend told me mornings are when most pumpkin flowers open so have been doing morning paroles of the pumpkin patch to get things moving.

Raising the pumpkin from the ground on a  terracotta base seems to be keeping it from being affected by the damp.

You can see the pumpkin here at the bottom of the garden just behind the sweet potato mound surrounding the fig tree.

And here are the pigeon peas on the other side of the garden.

So tasty and so sweet to eat and such great nitrogen fixers for the soil.

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