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Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Do You Know These Nutritious Easy to Grow Foods, Perilla, Mushroom Plant & Lebanese Cress ?

This beautifully colored plant is Perilla.

It has a unique taste, a mixture of bitter and sweet which some have tried to liken to a mint or fennel.

Not just a pretty face Perilla is rich in both minerals and vitamins and also has important anti-inflammatory properties.

A welcome addition to any garden.
These chlorophyll rich leaves belong to the Mushroom plant which tastes like but mushrooms but is higher in protein.
The leaves also contain calcium, iron, Beta-carotene and vitamin C and can be added to salads or thrown in just before your stir fry is ready to serve.

 This plant grows easily in shade, can be propagated from cuttings and responds well to regular harvesting.

And finally in the wettest part of my garden a patch of Lebanese Cress.

This is another shade growing plant that grows easily from cuttings.

It has a delicious cucumber taste that makes it a welcome addition to any salad.

I chop its fresh, chlorophyll loaded leaves and add to the top of meals for that extra freshness.

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