Monday, August 13, 2012

A Very Simple No Dig Garden for My Pigeon Peas

I love nutritious and versatile pigeon peas.

It took me a while to get used to them and to come to realize what a wonderful, perennial food source they are but now I am hooked and want to grow even more.

But  I am running out of garden beds and the new seedlings from my best peas are beginning to look strong and soon will be ready to be planted.

The problem was solved with a quick visit to Gold Coast Permaculture's Site for some wood chips for a no dig garden.

First newspaper was soaked in a wheelbarrow and laid out in the pattern I wanted for the new garden bed.

Next I sprinkled on rock dust and some leaves from the garden.

A layer of compost followed and then a layer of wood chips.

Basically you add alternate layers of living matter such as green leaves or compost and dead matter such as wood chips.

This no dig garden is a very simple one and I will dig holes and fill with compost to plant the seedlings.

The raised beds at Gold Coast Permaculture are filled with wonderful layers of living and dead matter sourced from local waste materials.

One of their green layers is the nutrient rich weed removed from the local canals by the council.

My simple garden is not of that complexity but with additional layering over time it will work for me.

The pigeon peas grow tall quickly and I am also looking forward to some shade for my car from the hot early morning summer sun.

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