Friday, September 28, 2012

Fruit Forest Paradise & Fruit Growing Techniques

This week I visited a friend staying in what I could only describe as a `Fruit Forest Paradise'.

On gently sloping land surrounding a dam, geese wandered around innumerable unique fruit trees.

One of  my fellow visitors was a knowledgeable arborist but even they did not recognize many of the diverse subtropical species.

Among the trees we could recognize were the Brazilian Cherry and the Sapotes.

The abundance of strong fruit trees had its own special beauty paralleling that of the surrounds.

The growing technique of digging a deep hole into the soil adjacent to the new trees was an exciting idea.

Organic materials such as sticks and banana tree stalks were added to the holes and watering to the trees roots achieved via the holes.

The health of the trees showed the method was clearly successful in the heavy soil.

Additional water access for the trees was achieved by building up the area around the tree with mulch and wood prunings.

A further interesting growing technique was the growing of Dragon Fruit plants on specially constructed wooden supports.

This Fruit Forest is a real tribute to those who have been responsible for its development and is preserving many diverse and exciting species for future generations.


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