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Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Green Drink I Craved During Radiation Treatment for Breast Cancer

I craved this green drink during my last radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Its taste made me feel fresh and cleansed.

I couldn't drink enough of it and was wondering if I had an addiction then one day I just didn't want it any more.

It is made from organic spirulina powder and fresh water melon.

I would buy whole watermelons which are very cheap where I live, cut a slice, peel it, cube it and then throw the cubes into the blenders with  a few teaspoons of the organic spirulina powder.

Just so easy, except I was always carrying watermelons home from my local green grocer.

The organic spirulina powder I brought from the local health food store.

With the cost of a watermelon at around $5.00 and just a few teaspoons of spirulina in each drink it was an economical and nutritious green drink.

My reading tells me that you do need to know the spirulina you use is from a  reliable source so as to be sure it  free from contaminants.

But my own journey with this drink was that my body craved this food at this time and then one day it said no more.

I still love this `green drink' but not with the craving I felt during this time.


colleen said...

Hi I found your site from Healthy Home economist and it couldn't have come at a better time. I have two sisters that have found out they have breast cancer. They found out within weeks of each other. Can you please tell me the recipe? I would love to have them ben introduced to this. I know they will both try it.

Greenearth said...

I wish your two sisters well.

To make this recipe as I outlined in the post, you just cut a slice of watermelon into cubes and put into your blender. Add approximately two teaspoons of spirulina powder to the watermelon in the blender and blend.

As I mentioned in the post it is important to get your spirulina powder from a reliable source to be sure it is free from any contaminants.

My previous post may also help your sisters as well Breast Cancer Prevention, A Lifestyle, If Only I Had Known

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