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Sunday, September 23, 2012

Varsity Lakes Community Garden Spring Festival

Varsity Lakes Community Garden Spring Festival was a great community get together.

Members contributed seedlings, homemade jam and pickles and lots of great items for fun stalls.
Food cupboards were restocked with homemade goodies, gardens renewed with seedlings and plants and wardrobes revamped from an exciting array of shared clothing items.

Here is the president of the garden Sheila Perkins with Julie membership secretary and Greg Plevey of Wormtec and his wife.

 Greg gave a free workshop on preparing your soil for spring planting and also free soil testing for soil samples and brix testing for vegetables.

Visitors enjoyed exploring the community garden and seeing what and how members were growing food, with lots of of good ideas exchanged.

And then a free barbecue with real hamburgers, drinks and cakes for all.

A fun day and a real feeling of community for all.

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