Tuesday, October 30, 2012

Breast Cancer, Inflammation, Sugar and Sadness

Yesterday as `Sandy' hit America's Coastline I felt an overwhelming feeling of sadness and an awareness our world had changed for ever.

Who can now deny a changing world as our planet groans under the injustices greed has inflicted on its equilibrium.

This same greed extends to food that puts profits before health.

Refined sugars and bleached flours are endemic in the contemporary Western Diet.

Yet these foods increase the blood sugar levels that lead to inflammation and tumor growth.

As a breast cancer survivor I work hard to limit my intake of refined sugars and bleached flours.

Limiting both these foods is a first step in helping your body fight cancer and inflammatory diseases.

Our current system does not honor our bodies or our earth but each of us is capable of initiating the changes in our own lives that can begin the path of healing we and our wounded planet require.

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