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Friday, October 26, 2012

Community Garden Survives Drought, Wind & Heat

Spring has brought drought, wind and heat but the community garden where I belong is thriving with members continuing to develop their organic gardening techniques.

My own patch follows permaculture principles and has a variety of plants including lavender which both attracts bees and protects from predators.

Other plants I am harvesting at present include broccoli, kale, broad beans, strawberries, sweet potatoes, swedes, cherry tomatoes and peppers.

The community garden is near my home and I endeavor to visit at least three times a week to tend my patch and collect harvest food.

In the shared areas of the garden bananas, citrus and jaboticaba trees are among the fruit trees being cultivated.

There are different cultures and gardening styles and  interweaving in the garden but the connecting factor is a desire to grow healthy organic food.

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Robert Cameron said...

looks wonderful. We are approaching winter here, so I'm quite jealous!
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