Friday, October 19, 2012

Breast Cancer, Roundup, GMO, Criigen Study & Seeds

The Criigen Study links GM Maize and Roundup to Premature Death and Cancer.

As a breast cancer survivor the link between GMOs, Roundup and breastcancer is of special concern.

This was an independent study taking place over the full spectrum of a rat's life, and it implications for those eating GMO food modified with Monsanto's Roundup is in the simplest terms frightening.

 Russia quickly banned the import of US GMO Corn but before this lead was followed by further European countries political influences quickly swung into play and once more the lucrative lure of GMO crops triumphed over public safety.

My own incredulity at this lack of discernment is I read echoed by those of the researchers undertaking this study.

Meanwhile my personal response is to grow my own food and to save, share and cultivate organic, unmodified seed.

For me saving and sharing seeds feels right and is about creating change in the face of those who put what they perceive as economic security before public health.

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