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Monday, October 15, 2012

To Pink or not to Pink

Having breast cancer is never easy.

It is a shock to be diagnosed and the treatments leave both physical and emotional exhaustion.

I have had a breast cancer diagosis three times. The first over twenty years ago and the last almost five.

I consider myself one of the lucky ones as each time my cancers were contained and only required surgery,  radiation and  hormone treatments.

So why then do I get so angry with all `THE PINK BUZZ'.

Quite simple really, pink is a feel good concept and breast cancer is not.

Working to recover and stay clear of breast cancer is ongoing.

If pink was linked with environment activism to stop the use of endocrine changing chemicals I would LOVE PINK but when it associated with people who have no understanding of what is really happening in our society I see it as FAIRY FLOSS that dissolves to the touch.

Recently I came across a group of ladies in a shopping mall. They were all dressed in pink to raise money for the local cancer society and the products they were selling were full of endocrine changing chemicals.

I engaged in conversation with them but they were more concerned about making waves with their society than changing their products.

I think one of the reasons I feel so distressed by all this is that I have had to discover for myself how to remain well.

Understandings of course have changed since my first diagnosis but even before the third diagnosis when I was trying to change my life I found it difficult to get away from factors I knew were adding to my vulnerability.

Now I have achieved major changes in my life and am energized and healthy once more, but I want what has enabled me to heal to enable others to do the same.

The large amount of endocrine changing chemicals in our world at present is frightening and parallels the increasing number of hormonal cancers.

Please Pink walk away from the Fairy Floss and get a real voice for change in our society and even I will don my pinkies and be part of your voice.

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nicole tyler said...

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