Thursday, November 8, 2012

Back on the Spirulina

I craved this green drink during my last radiation treatment for breast cancer.

Its taste made me feel fresh and cleansed.

I couldn't drink enough of it and was wondering if I had an addiction then one day I just didn't want it any more.

Now with recent dental work including amalgam removal I have begun craving this great drink again.

It is made from organic spirulina powder and fresh water melon.

I  buy whole watermelons which are very cheap where I live, cut a slice, peel it, cube it and then throw the cubes into the blenders with  a few teaspoons of the organic spirulina powder. It is just so easy.

The organic spirulina powder I buy from the local health food store.

With the cost of a watermelon under $5.00 and just a few teaspoons of spirulina in each drink it is an economical and nutritious green drink.

My reading tells me that you do need to know the spirulina you use is from a  reliable source to be sure it  free from contaminants.

Off now to make myself another of these delicious green drinks.

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