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Tuesday, November 27, 2012

Fire, Courage & Kindness

Sharing a very different vision of my home today.

 A fireball destroyed my neighbor's house on Sunday night and my young neighbor saved his brothers.

 This video shows the fire.

The letterbox and the side of the standing house in this news video are part of my home.

 I cannot speak more highly of my young neighbor's quickness of mind.

It was only a minute or two from the initial explosion and my pulling back the curtains in adjacent bedroom to be greeted by a wall of flame.

Rang 000, threw on my bathrobe, some thongs, grabbed my purse and headed out the other door.

A brave person was banging on the door near the flames to alert me,

Hugs from friends and neighbors as soon as I made the road.

Then a frightening moment as a huge fireball appeared about to engulf my house.

As together my neighbor and I prayed, a huge gust of wind which will be forever etched on my memory suddenly blew the flames upwards and then back.

 Then the first firetruck arrived and those special firemen.

What wonderful courage and  kindness is out there.

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MyMaracas said...

Oh wow! What a horrifying thing, and right next door. I am so glad everyone is OK and your home was spared.